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Interior Design Spotlight: How to Style Pantone's Color of 2020

Pantone's color of 2020 has been named '19-4052 Classic Blue' and as the name hints, this dark blue is a timeless hue that instantly sparks the feeling of calmness and confidence. Classic Blue is a deep, simple, and an elegant blue that is the perfect foundation to build on top of. Although Pantone has recognized Classic Blue as the color of 2020, this color is one that will stick around for years to come. Think of it as your new neutral, this color goes with just about everything if you style it with confidence.

If you're looking to incorporate Classic Blue into your home, take a look at these ideas we've gathered and get inspired!


As mentioned previously, Classic Blue instantly brings a sense of peace and calmness to a home which makes it the ideal color to incorporate into your entryway. Not only does this bring good vibes into your home, it's an eye opening color that blends well with any style—from modern to bohemian, to traditional.


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether you're an avid baker or like to entertain for the holidays, the kitchen is where most families gather to spend time together. Adding Classic Blue hues to the kitchen brings a stylish, edgy vibe to every kitchen. Before you commit to refinishing cabinets or replacing the backsplash, test this look by starting with incorporating dark blue and navy accents and how you like it.


A bathroom is a great place to start by testing out Classic Blue in your home. You can begin the transition by adding dark blue linens and artwork, and if you enjoy the look then consider painting the wall or adding mixed tiles to the floor and walls if you're committed to a small renovation project.


Bringing dark hues into the bedroom was once considered of a risky move with interior designers. However, Classic Blue is such a restful hue that will bring tranquility to the bedroom. You can try out by painting the wall behind your headboard, or test out this look by adding Classic Blue bedding to be sure you love the look first.


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