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Agent Spotlight: Brennan Stravlo

A Kuper Sotheby's agent from Austin, we caught up with this month is Brennan for some of his insights into the Austin real estate industry and what he loves most about being a Real Estate Agent!

Tell us a little about your background. Are you from the area, what did you do prior to real estate, etc.

I grew up in Lubbock TX moved to Austin in 1999. Left and graduated from Northeastern University in Boston 2005. I had some fun living in New York City prior to moving back to Texas in efforts to be closer to family. Before jumping into real estate, I sold denim a whole lot of denim. I was a district manager for Lucky Brand. And when I exited the retail industry held the #1 district in growth and sales volume. I am kind of competitive!

What about real estate interests you?

The ever-changing challenge. I enjoy the challenge of earning someone’s business and trust. It gets more difficult every day for businesses and even more for realtors. Owning a home is a great investment for all. It makes me happy to be able to assist my friends and clients in making this investment no matter how small or large.

Describe your dream property.

I am a Gemini so I have two dream properties. I would love a downtown condo walking distance to all of the awesome downtown fun and entertainment. On the flip side, I love the outdoors and water. If the dream property was not on the lake it would be on a nice size lot with many trees and a pool. I tend to gravitate to a modern look in a U shape with lots of windows.

What are your favorite neighborhoods and why?

Clarksville- I lived there the first time I lived in Austin. Love the diversity and walkability of the neighborhood. I appreciate the integration of the multi-family units along with the single-family bungalows and the occasional MC Mansion. Northwest Hills is another diverse neighborhood just a short drive downtown or to the lake.

What makes Austin unique?

Austin has always had its own unique vibe and chill approach. That is welcoming and fun to live in. I enjoy the water and nature so the trails and lakes are high on my list. And for a "downtown" in Texas, Austin has the best! There is always something interesting to do or stumble upon.

In such a competitive business, what skills do you believe are necessary to become a successful agent?

Having fun and building relationships with my clients! Also, finding out how I can serve my clients outside of real estate. Getting to know my clients on a more personal level allows me to learn how they communicate, showing them the world through another lens, and really being able to decipher what they're saying - and not saying.

How do you stay on top of trends in real estate?

I enjoy attending the broker opens, neighborhood tours, and traveling to different markets and looking at the real estate there. I am trying to get better at the social media and how it can help me stay on top of trends and I will get there someday!

What is one of the most memorable properties from your career?

Oh, it is the one I asked my clients not to buy! I almost begged them to keep looking but they insisted. We have since sold that property and they tell me now they will always listen to me. HA!

What role has evolving technology played in the industry in your experience?

Many of my clients find their home or neighborhood before we even speak. It is my job then to ensure that we are getting them what they want at a fair price and with no legal concerns and happily settled in their new home.

What is one of the most commonly asked questions from your clients and how do you answer it?

How is the market? - It depends on what market you are asking about. Within the Austin metro there are many different markets and they all perform differently. Fortunately, I work within many of these markets. Working with buyers also always helps with keeping you in the know on what is happening in many different markets.


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