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Donation and Volunteer Opportunities in Austin During This Time

During this time of uncertainty it is crucial to remember that, while following CDC recommended safety steps, there are many ways we can support those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has affected everyone and everything, including local nonprofits. Business closures led to blood drives being canceled, Food Banks have an increased need for services, and more. You may be wondering how you can help, so here are just a few ways.

We Are Blood Urgently Needs Donations

With concerns around coronavirus growing and more companies implementing work-from-home policies, some mobile blood drives have been canceled and turnout has been low. There is a pressing need for donations, so the community is urged to find active mobile drives or go to a donor center today. Bonus: Donate before March 22 and get a voucher for Torchy’s chips & queso.

Food Bank Volunteers and Donations Needed

Central Texas Food Bank anticipates a dramatic increase in the need for their services in the coming weeks, and volunteer operations are still open. You can also donate online and start a virtual food drive; a $25 donation provides 100 meals for families in need.

Austin Animal Center Needs Fosters

Austin Animal Center is closed to the public until at least March 30, meaning they will not be able to take in or adopt out any animals during this time. Their goal is to find emergency foster homes for 50% of the animals currently on-site, so please apply if you can. See AAC's Facebook page for details as well as tips for reuniting lost animals with their families while AAC is closed.

COVID Mask Makers Seeks Assistance

Do you know how to sew? COVID Mask Makers needs people to help sew face masks, and they've got patterns and instructions, including a helpful video, on their website. If you're all thumbs in that regard, you can help by donating supplies or picking up and delivering finished masks. Sign up for the newsletter to get more details, and feel free to get going on the mask-making anytime.


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