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Welcome Deleigh Hermes to Kuper Sotheby's International Realty

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Deleigh Hermes is a dedicated real estate agent with a sharp focus on serving the thriving Austin Proper and Central Texas areas, catering to both local clients and those relocating from out of state. In an era where Austin has become the new corporate hotspot, Deleigh has honed her expertise in guiding clients through the intricacies of the real estate market, particularly those moving to Texas from other parts of the country.

Deleigh's journey into the world of real estate was deeply influenced by her father, a seasoned realtor with a remarkable 20-year track record in the Houston market. Growing up with this real estate background instilled in her a strong foundation and a passion for the industry.

Deleigh's commitment to her clients extends far beyond the traditional scope of real estate transactions. She has a customer service promise that sets her apart from the rest. Her goal is not only to provide exceptional service but to create a memorable experience that lingers with her clients. Throughout each transaction, she listens attentively to every detail shared in conversations, fostering lasting relationships that extend well beyond the deal. Deleigh's dedication to her clients goes beyond the transaction as well; she serves as the Chair of Trepac, on the Austin Board of Realtors, where she contributes to serving clients on a broader scale, ensuring their private property rights and homeownership are protected. She also serves on the Legislative Management Team on the Austin Board of Realtors, giving her a front-row seat to major decisions that impact the real estate industry and her clients' well-being. This gives her a leg up, being at the forefront of things going on in the industry.

However, her multifaceted career is not limited to real estate alone. Deleigh is a passionate photographer who has traversed the globe, capturing the beauty of the outdoors and contributing to the world of photojournalism. Her work has graced the pages of renowned publications, including Backpacker Magazine, National Geographic, High Times, and Yahoo! Deleigh also sells her fine art photography to interior designers and to clients bringing her artistic flair to the world of interior decor. This juxtaposition between her adventurous side and her love for fine art photography exemplifies her unique personality and dedication to her passions.

Deleigh's diverse life experiences have had a profound impact on her approach to real estate. Her background in photography has exposed her to various cultures and people from all walks of life, across 23 different countries. She's observed that, regardless of the differences that separate us, people everywhere share a common desire for a safe place to call home and a nurturing environment for their children. This insight has shaped her perspective, emphasizing the importance of a home and that is what brings us all together, in the end.

Deleigh's experiences as a photojournalist have taught her the value of building trust and strong relationships. This valuable skill readily translates to her work as a real estate agent, where trust is the cornerstone of every successful transaction.

Born in Houston, Deleigh's journey took her to San Marcos in 2005-2009, and she ultimately settled in Austin in 2010. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photographic and Digital Imaging, further enhancing her keen eye for detail and her storytelling abilities. Deleigh has also attended numerous National Geographic workshops on storytelling and has taken various wilderness survival courses, including Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

Outside of her professional life, Deleigh is an ardent outdoorswoman who finds solace in road-tripping and backpacking to capture breathtaking images of nature. Disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of daily life to immerse herself in the great outdoors is a cherished practice for her. She is also an accomplished dirt bike rider, a longboard enthusiast, and hiker showcasing her adventurous spirit and love for physical challenges.

Deleigh's remarkable journey is dotted with accolades, including 3 International Photography Awards Honorable Mentions and 2 top Editors Picks for the National Geographic Travel Contest. She has even received a Citizenship award for her vigilance in catching a thief, showcasing her commitment to her community and her values.

After reading this bio, what people remember most about Deleigh Hermes is her proficiency and knowledge in the real estate field, coupled with her unwavering adventurous spirit, underpinned by a genuine commitment to her client's success and well-being.



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