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Welcome Kelly Harness to Our Kuper Family in Austin

Kelly Harness is an award-winning realtor with over 15 years of real estate, property management, and transaction experience. Kelly’s outstanding knowledge of the city’s prime real estate extends beyond its urban center into the many vibrant surrounding neighborhoods giving her a wealth of experience and an edge over any other realtor.Her profound mastery in real estate and property contracts, business assessment, market analysis, and the ability to engage effectively with key developers have made her an asset in this Real Estate market.

With an affluent career in sales and marketing of houses and single-family abodes in Portland, Oregon and Austin,Texas, Kelly has successfully negotiated over 300 homes.She is a member of the National Association of Realtors and a five-star agent award recipient for eight consecutive years. Kelly and her team of four always provide the highest level of representation and service to render a successful transaction.

Her dedication and perseverance give her buyers and sellers the motivation they need to move forward confidently. She is very quick and efficient in dealings with her clients, and she ensures their ultimate satisfaction. Whether you are relocating to Austin or currently live in this rapidly growing city, contact Kelly directly to discuss the current market conditions.



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