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Welcome Sean Gillispie to Our Kuper Family in San Antonio

Representing both buyers and sellers with their residential transactions, Sean will apply his vast knowledge of the area and use his 25+ years of stellar customer service and negotiating skills to ensure the perfect experience.

Sean wasn’t born in Texas but felt that he was adopted as a “native Texan” over the years. He moved to McAllen, Texas, in 1991 and attended The University of Texas, Pan American, before moving to Lubbock, Texas, to pursue his degree in Business Management and Marketing at Texas Tech University. Sean has made San Antonio his home since 2001 and enjoys all that San Antonio has to offer.

Sean feels his 25+ years of entrepreneurship drive, and his business management background has served him well in his real estate career. He knows how to multitask and manage any project, no matter how big or small to achieve the desired result. He has shown this time and time again, not only with his own companies but for other companies that have enlisted his consulting services.

For the work he as done in both business and his charity work, Sean is highly regarded as a long supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital and has organized many events over the years.

Sean is focused, goal-oriented, and executes around priorities. He is a family man, business leader, and believes that all business matters and holds in the strictest of confidence.



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