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Welcome Valerie Di Fabio to Our Kuper Family in Austin

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Valerie Di Fabio

A Global Real Estate Advisor with a history as an Entrepreneur and award-winning sales producer, specializing in Luxury Real Estate in the Austin, Texas area.

Since I was born in Austin, Minnesota, it only seemed natural that I would eventually matriculate to Austin, Texas, where I have lived, loved, played and worked for over 3 decades. I know our fabulous town inside out. I am an honest, intent listener, focusing on buyer and seller wants and dreams. I feel individual attention is crucial, so when you choose to work with me… you get me. My personal approach to Real Estate has been characterized by my impeccable professionalism, mixed with humor, energy, and warmth. Providing clear, open communication, sound advice and regularly exceeded expectations. While navigating the ever-changing real estate environment, I pride myself on my ability to transform clients into great, lifelong friends.

Outdoor life is very important to me. I enjoy scuba diving, skiing, and hiking. I received my PADI Open Water Diver certification on Lake Travis many years ago in 60 degrees, 60 feet down in ice-cold water. These days, I prefer the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or better yet, the crisp mountain air while skiing or hiking (Telluride Colorado, my personal fav).

However, nothing is more relaxing than the feeling of a gentle breeze across my face, while sailing across the lake, sipping a crisp white wine. My prior Catamaran racing days are well in the past, but vivid memories of standing on the edge of a hiked hull, while screaming across the water still remain.

I have an artistic background in design, so naturally, I enjoy all that is authentic Austin and its Art and Design Culture. Among many of my favorite things to do in Austin is the East and West Studio Art walks.

At the end of the day, it’s the time relaxing with family and wonderful friends that God has brought into my world that means the most. My husband, Dante, and I enjoy fine dining in and around the Austin area and spending time with our kids and grandkids. Riding the Carnival rides at Austin Rodeo and playtime at one of Austin’s many Parks is my favorite way to spend time with my grandkids.

Most of my favorite memories and moments are on the patio, sharing and sipping a wonderful Cabernet with family and friends - Just having patio conversation. This is where I share all the day’s events and all that is good in life… memories, stories, and much laughter.



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