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Welcome Whitney Newton to Our Kuper Family in Austin

Whitney was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Sarasota, Florida. At an early age, he developed a sense of style and design following in the steps of his mother, herself a Realtor and real estate investor, through her passion for travel and luxury real estate. These priceless life experiences have influenced Whitney greatly and helped him to cultivate a discerning eye for architectural design and quality craftsmanship.

A southern gentleman at heart, Whitney calls Austin, Texas home. He has planted his roots in the gorgeous Hill Country of Austin, where he raises his family. His love for his family flows into helping other families when it comes to their home buying or selling needs. Whitney sees a house as a canvas where a family can create memories that last a lifetime.

Above all else, Whitney places his morals and ethics as top priorities when it comes to his business. He seeks to build long-lasting relationships with his clients in order to serve their housing needs throughout the years.



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