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Welcome Tabitha Ivan to Our Kuper Family in San Antonio

Tabitha is a Patriot and a first generation American. She is proud to be part of this “great country.” Her family fled communist Hungary; to the idea that we should all have the same start in life and live free. She believes we are all very fortunate to be able to express our rights through property ownership and to achieve the success of “the American dream”. Tabitha is proud to carry on her family tradition by becoming a second generation Realtor.

Tabitha believes sales and service are two sides of the same coin. She is active in service to the community. As an elected leader, she created community gardens from nothing but an idea and persistence. Tabitha served as Spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Association. She also volunteers her fundraising and marketing expertise as a local pageant winner with Miss America and Miss America USA. She is the current reigning Miss River Walk USA.

As Director of Events, Tabitha Ivan learned to ensure projects don’t out-pace the joy of the participants. Having served as a longstanding Homecoming Director and Booster Club member, a Seniors Activities Director, and a Lifestyle Director for young urban professionals, she is well versed in project management. Her skills and experience make her stronger during transaction highs and lows.

Tabitha’s sales acumen has been honed by her experience in luxury auto sales, boutique designer clothing sales, and charity fundraising. She is a strong negotiator and ready to get to work for each of her clients.



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